Making Time for the Ones We Love


A few days ago, I enjoyed a wonderful evening with a group of good friends. We played games, had a few drinks and engaged in great conversations. On yesterday, I wrote personal letters to ten family members and took it to each of their homes.  Every so often, I call my friends and family to touch base with them and stay informed about their lives.  

I believe that we as people need to set aside specific time to bond with the ones we love. With the everyday struggles of life (i.e, bills, work, children, co-workers), it is so easy to miss out on precious moments…moments we can never ever get back (I suppose that’s why I take so many pictures…I truly enjoy capturing unforgetable moments).

But nowadays, people are so caught up in social media, (texting and tweeting) that they neglect to call and check up on their loved ones. We post everything on Facebook and Twitter; but we fail to realize that everyone is not apart of that technological world.  Gone are the days where we communicate in person. 

However, I encourage everyone to take out time to write letters, make phone calls and physically visit with your loved ones; because I guarantee you, those smiles and those tears, will certainly be worth the effort.

Let Go, and Let God

Lately, everyone around me has been struggling financially (including myself); and despite our efforts to increase our revenue, we cannot get our dollars to stretch far enough. For some of us, we feel as though we have truly hit rock bottom.

But growing up in a religious family has taught me to always have faith in God. I was taught that God will always provide your needs, if you would simply trust and believe in him. However, I am guilty of constantly stressing and obsessing with trying to figure everything out myself. I have to always remind myself that God will never give me a load I cannot carry; nor will he give me a purpose I cannot fulfill.

I know that, when we begin to surround ourselves with the love of God, we cannot help but be elevated. I have learned that I make my circumstances more complicated than they are supposed to be. I spend more time trying to assist God in doing his job, when I should be aligning myself with my true purpose in life. I encourage everyone to try God. I mean, really try God. It would be mean humbling yourself and surrendering to his holy will. Giving yourself over to God may not be easy; but it could be the difference of life or death.

Life or Death


For the past four months, I have been following the trial of Jodi Ann Arias; a woman that has formally been charged with the brutal murder of her then ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias stabbed him 27 times, slashed his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the head. She gave three vastly different statements regarding his murder. First, she said she was no where near his home in Arizona. However, after being interrogated by investigators that placed her at the crime scene, she admitted that she was there, but that two Ninjas had killed Travis and mysteriously let her go.  A few years before she would stand trial, Arias admitted that she did in fact kill Travis, but that she did so in self-defense.

Watching Arias on trial was very disturbing. She spent 18 days on the stand, testalying about Travis. She said he was abusive, hypocritical and a pedafile. None of those accusations were ever proven. But that did not stop Arias from attempting to assasinate his character even more; all in the name of sparing her life.

But what is life? Life is a precious gift that God gives us to live; something that should be valued and respected. In my opinion, Arias does not value life at all. She does not value her life, nor the lives of others. Even though she spent a lot of time taking pictures that highlighted the beauty in life; she made a horrible decision to take Travis’ life senselessly.

At this phase of the trial, the jury has the responsibility of determining if she lives or dies. Now, I have always been opposed to the death penalty because I feel like whomever takes someone’s life through lethal injection, electric chair, etc. is no different that the murderer being killed. But honestly, Jodi needs some type of justifiable consequence to her horrific actions; and perhaps, death is the way. I still feel uneasy about her life being taken…even though she told a reporter that she prefers death because it is, “the ultimate freedom.”

All in all, I feel that God is the only one who should be responsible for choosing if someone lives or dies; he gave us life, so he should be the only one eligible to take it away.