Let Go, and Let God

Lately, everyone around me has been struggling financially (including myself); and despite our efforts to increase our revenue, we cannot get our dollars to stretch far enough. For some of us, we feel as though we have truly hit rock bottom.

But growing up in a religious family has taught me to always have faith in God. I was taught that God will always provide your needs, if you would simply trust and believe in him. However, I am guilty of constantly stressing and obsessing with trying to figure everything out myself. I have to always remind myself that God will never give me a load I cannot carry; nor will he give me a purpose I cannot fulfill.

I know that, when we begin to surround ourselves with the love of God, we cannot help but be elevated. I have learned that I make my circumstances more complicated than they are supposed to be. I spend more time trying to assist God in doing his job, when I should be aligning myself with my true purpose in life. I encourage everyone to try God. I mean, really try God. It would be mean humbling yourself and surrendering to his holy will. Giving yourself over to God may not be easy; but it could be the difference of life or death.

2 thoughts on “Let Go, and Let God

  1. Amen! I remember going thru and God so clearly spoke to me and said, “if u take care of what you have now, I will elevate u.” Although the situation may not be ideal now, make a conscious effort to verbalize how grateful u are for what u have. Besides, when ppl show us how grateful they are for something that we did, it makes us want to do more. Its the same with God. Gotta praise ur way through it.

    With all that being said, you are right in saying that its not easy….yet nothing ever worth it is. Keep your head up!

  2. LaKeah you are so right about how when things are worth it, we truly have to work for it. It’s like Betty Wright says, “in order to get something, you’ve gotta give something; in order to be something, you gotta go through something.”